Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Missouri: Different Definitions of “Rural” Leave Small Towns Bereft of Funding

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In Missouri, one small town is left with empty pockets for broadband funding, as differing definitions of “rural” may qualify his town for one out of hundreds of grants designed to help communities just like his.

Daily Yonder: Rural Women Organize To Fight Back Against Reproductive Bans

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In a commentary post for The Daily Yonder, Carolyn Campbell traveled through rural Mississippi and Texas as state governments began banning or restricting abortion and reproductive rights. What she found was rural women, from conservative to liberal, young and old, angry and organizing to fight back.

Daily Yonder: Rural Hospitals on the Brink of Closing After Federal Funding Dries Up

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In a new story from The Daily Yonder, rural hospitals across America are once again facing the possibility of closing. With the reversals to pre-pandemic Medicare and Medicaid rates and no more federal funding, many facilities are back where they started.

Public Libraries Hit Center Stage in Combating COVID in Rural Towns and Cities

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In an article for Route Fifty, public libraries across the nation have become the front lines for the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. From distributing masks to offering telehealth services, libraries are stepping up for their communities.

Ohio: New Research Determines Another Way to Define Rural, Based on Migration

In a press release from the Ohio State News, researchers have found five new ways to define “rural”.

Urbanizing rural, suburban middle-income destinations, rural low-income destinations, stable rural areas, and stagnating rural areas are the five new definitions, based on migration patterns the researchers found happening in Ohio.