In an article for Route Fifty, public libraries across the nation have become the front lines for the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. From distributing masks to offering telehealth services, libraries are stepping up for their communities.

From the story: “Libraries are one of the most-trusted entities and organizations in communities since we’re accessible, friendly, welcoming and all the things that you would want people to be during this crisis,” Huggins told Route Fifty. “I think that it is a positive thing, and people are noticing how critical libraries are to responding to crises.”  

Public libraries across the country are rallying. Some began handing out Covid-19 test kits months ago, beginning with polymerase chain reaction tests that residents could use at home, then deposit in a drop box at the library and later get the results.”

With these new offerings comes a heavier workload, but according to the story, most librarians are ready and willing to do what they can for their patrons.

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SOURCE: The Rural Blog,