In Alabama, one rural pharmacy has become a frontline fighter for its area, offering monoclonal antibody treatments and COVID-19 vaccines to the local population.

Section Pharmacy is located in northeast Alabama, and serves Jackson and DeKalb counties.

From the story, published on “Rural pharmacies have played pivotal roles in the fight against COVID, but it’s happened against a backdrop of instability, Mueller said. Research from Mueller and other investigators found that 1,230 rural independent pharmacies have vanished since 2003. In an effort to help boost their role, his organization identified thousands of rural pharmacies that could help distribute vaccines outside the major chain initially tapped as federal partners.

They found that 30 rural zip codes in Alabama have lost independent pharmacies between 2003 and 2018. That spells trouble for rural areas that often struggle to retain hospitals and health care providers.”

For the rural residents of northeast Alabama, Section Pharmacy is one place they can go locally to get a COVID vaccine. With rural facilities closing and pharmacists struggling to keep the lights on, the rural pharmacies still in business remain dedicated to their local patients and the areas they serve.

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