In the latest rural vaccination update from The Daily Yonder, only 500,000 rural people have completed a COVID-19 vaccination, the slowest growth in vaccination rates since the vaccines became available last spring.

As of Jan. 13, 47.9% of rural America is vaccinated against COVID, with the urban rate at 61.1%.

From the update: “Since mid-December, an additional 500,000 rural residents completed their vaccination regimen for Covid-19. That’s a weekly average of 125,000 newly completed vaccinations. Previously, rural counties logged their smallest number of vaccinations the week before Thanksgiving 2021, when about 144,000 rural people completed their vaccination.

The rate of new vaccinations in metropolitan counties also declined, but not as deeply. An average of 1.2 million metropolitan residents completed their Covid-19 inoculation in the past four weeks. That’s similar to the pace of metropolitan vaccinations in the weeks leading up the Thanksgiving 2021.”

According to the update, rural Massachusetts has the highest vaccination rate, with Arizona gaining an extra 2.9% in rural vaccinations to have a 70.3% rural vaccination rate.

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