In a new story from The Daily Yonder, a non-profit based in Virginia is educating and offering assistance to tribal communities throughout America on the topic of menstruation. The Kwek Society, started in 2018, sends bags of period products to Native menstruators in eight states.

From the story: “The Kwek Society currently supports more than 70 partners – schools and communities – across North America. During 2020, the organization, with the support of partners, including foundations and individuals, furnished 303,800 period supplies, 3,429 moon time bags, and puberty education books. This year, with schools more or less back in session as of Fall 2021, the organization increased these numbers, furnishing 407,467 period supplies, and 5,034 moon time bags, and puberty education books. 

In addition to supplies, the organization also offers educational resources, including sharing information about an app called OKY, which was developed by UNICEF as the world’s first period tracking and reproductive health education app, designed with the help of young people.”

According to the story, before the current pandemic there were one in five teenagers in the U.S. who couldn’t afford period products, a serious deficit made worse by the onset of COVID. With organizations like The Kwek Society, Native teens have a resource to get the products they need.

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