In the latest COVID-19 infection update from The Daily Yonder, the new Omicron variant has moved deeper into rural areas of America, but metropolitan case numbers are still higher than rural cases.

As of Jan. 1, new rural infections jumped 72%, compared to a 150% jump in new metro infections.

From the update: “New infections in metropolitan counties have jumped 250% since mid-December while rural counties have seen a smaller increase of about 50%. But the gap between metropolitan and rural counties is narrowing. Rural infections grew 72% last week, versus an increase of 120% in metropolitan counties.

The metropolitan surge has pushed the urban infection rate to more than twice that of rural counties. That reverses the trend established during the Delta surge, when rural residents were becoming infected at a faster rate than metropolitan residents.”

According to the update, Omicron’s impact has not been seen in new infection numbers yet, but the rural mortality rate from COVID is still 74% higher than the metro rate.

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