The Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues and the Kentucky Press Association have received a $25,000 grant to help with promoting COVID-19 vaccinations across the state. The Institute also publishes The Rural Blog and is supported by the University of Kentucky.

From the story on The Rural Blog: “From an application by the UK-based institute, KPA received one of 27 grants chosen by the Kentucky Association of Health Plans, the trade association representing health insurers in the state. The grants provide up to $25,000 for efforts to boost coronavirus vaccine rates through “outreach, communication, education, training, transportation and/or support,” Mills reports.

Al Cross, director of the institute, said the grant will help Kentucky newspapers — especially those in counties with low vaccination rates — publish special sections, which will be mailed to every household in the newspaper’s home county, about the importance of immunizations in general.”

The Institute, with the help of the UK Cooperative Extension Service, is planning to put out a special story regarding vaccinations that will be put in community newspapers throughout Kentucky. The goal is to increase vaccine awareness and boost vaccination rates.

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SOURCE: The Rural Blog