In the latest rural COVID-19 update from The Daily Yonder, the infection and mortality rates for rural America remain the same, though rural COVID deaths are occurring at twice the speed of urban/metropolitan COVID deaths.

From the beginning of the pandemic to now, 139,000 rural Americans have died from COVID-19.

From the update: “Wyoming had the biggest percentage jump in rural cases last week, with 1,042 new infections, more than twice the number two weeks ago. But the state has fewer than 600,000 residents, so small changes in infection numbers have a bigger impact on rates.

Oklahoma and Iowa saw increases in rural infection rates of about 60%.

New England continued to battle a surge. Vermont had the nation’s highest rural infection rate last week, at 680 new cases per 100,000 residents. But new cases climbed by only about 5% in Vermont last week, an indication that the surge may be waning there. Two weeks ago, rural cases more than doubled.

Maine and New Hampshire had the second and fourth highest rural infection rates in the nation last week. Maine’s rural cases climbed about 40% while New Hampshire’s rural infection dropped slightly from two weeks ago, another indication that the region may moving out of its current surge.”

According to the update the Great Lakes region is slowly recovering from their COVID surge, while in the South infection is spreading faster than before.

To read the rest of the update and see the data on the Yonder, click here.