In the newest COVID-19 update from The Daily Yonder, rural COVID infections have increased by six percent. The rural infections rate itself is still 50% higher than the urban rate. In other news, the state of Michigan now has the highest rural COVID infection rate in the country, replacing Pennsylvania.

From the update: “Michigan had the highest rural infection rate last week, 20% higher than the next highest state, Minnesota. Three-quarters of Michigan’s rural counties had very high infection rates – over 500 new cases per 100,000 residents in a seven-day period. Pennsylvania, which had the highest rural infection rate last week, dropped to fifth, reducing its rural infection rate by more than 10% last week. But high numbers of new infections in northern and western Pennsylvania drove the rural infection rate 75% higher than the metropolitan infection rate.”

Many states in the Midwest and Southwest are dealing with higher rural rates; as of Nov. 20 the rural mortality rate is still higher than the urban rate.

To read the rest of the update and see the data on the Yonder, click here.