In the latest update from The Daily Yonder, COVID-19 infections increased by 10% in rural America. Currently, the state of Pennsylvania has the highest number of rural infections, with almost 600 infections per 100,000 people.

From the update: “Rural counties reported 117,000 new infections last week, up about 11,000 from two weeks ago. Urban counties had about 450,000 new infections last week, an increase of 55,000. The rural infection rate remained significantly higher than the metropolitan infection rate – a trend that goes back about three months.

In 38 states, the rural infection rate was higher than the urban infection rate.

Rural counties reported 2,100 Covid-related deaths last week, a decrease of 20% from two weeks ago. Metropolitan counties reported 6,100 deaths, a decrease of 15% from two weeks ago. The rural death rate remains two times higher than the metropolitan death rate, a trend that started in mid-August.”

As of Nov. 13, 70 rural counties had no new COVID infections.

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