In the latest COVID update from The Daily Yonder, several states with rural areas have increased COVID-19 infections and deaths, with both rates higher in rural counties than metropolitan.

From the story: “The increase in new cases was modest – just a 4% rise in rural counties, where cases rose to approximately 106,000, from about 102,000 two weeks ago. New infections in metropolitan counties rose by 8%, to 394,000.

Deaths rose at a quicker rate. In rural counties, 2,630 new deaths were reported, an increase of 14%. In metropolitan counties, deaths climbed by 12% to 7,140. Deaths from Covid-19 lag new infections, so few if any of last week’s deaths would be directly related to the new uptick in infections.”

As of Nov. 6, 26 states have higher infection rates, with 27% of COVID deaths in rural America.

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