In the latest rural vaccination update from The Daily Yonder, the rural COVID-19 vaccination rate continues to climb, but at a much slower pace than before. As of Nov. 4, 44.5% of rural America is fully vaccinated, with the metropolitan rate at 56.6%, a twelve point gap.

From the update: “Newly completed vaccinations fell by about 20% last week compared to two weeks ago. Rural (nonmetropolitan) counties reported 166,000 newly completed vaccinations the week of Friday, October 29, through Thursday, November 4, 2021. That’s down from about 207,000 two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, the number of newly completed vaccinations in metropolitan counties grew by more than 15% last week compared to two weeks ago. Metropolitan counties reported 1.6 million newly completed Covid-19 vaccinations last week, compared to 1.4 million two weeks ago.”

To read the rest of the update and to see the data breakdown at the Yonder, click here.