In a story from KBJR6, rural hospitals in Minnesota are swamped with COVID-19 patients, with most facilities short on ICU beds. The crush of patients is so great, many rural patients are dying waiting for a bed to open up.

From the story: “Bob Cameron spent two days in his hometown hospital in Hallock, Minnesota, where caregivers searched nonstop for space in a larger hospital that could find and fix the source of his severe gastrointestinal bleeding and treat his COVID-19.

A bed was secured Oct. 12 at Sanford Health in Fargo, North Dakota, but his condition worsened after surgery there to find the source of his bleeding.

The 87-year-old Cameron died Oct. 13.”

As rural facilities continue to treat more patients with COVID, patients with other conditions are left to the wayside, waiting for treatment that may never materialize.

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