In the newest vaccination update from The Daily Yonder, the vaccination gap between rural and urban America has decreased for the first time since the Yonder started tracking vaccination rates in April 2021.

As of Oct. 21, the metro COVID vaccination rate is 55.5%, with the rural rate sitting at 43.7%. The gap itself has gone down slightly for two straight weeks, to 11.8 points from 12 points.

From the update: “Two weeks ago, the 0.1-point improvement in the rural-urban vaccination gap came from an increase in the number of new vaccinations recorded in rural counties plus a decline in new vaccinations in metropolitan counties.

Last week, both metropolitan and rural counties had fewer new vaccinations than the week before. But the number dropped by 10% in metro areas and only 6% in rural areas. The result was a net reduction of the gap by 0.1 points.”

To read the rest of the update and see the data breakdown on the Yonder, click here.