In the latest rural vaccination update from The Daily Yonder, the rural vaccination rate increased by half a percentage point, and still lags behind the urban/metropolitan vaccination rate.

As of Oct. 14, 43.2% of rural America is vaccinated against COVID-19, compared with 55.1% of urban America. At the state level however, some states are doing better than others.

From the update: “Kentucky had the highest actual percentage-point increase in its rural vaccination rate. The rural rate climbed by about 0.7 points, to 44.2%. Kentucky ranks 25th nationally in its rural vaccination rate, out of 47 states that have nonmetropolitan counties. West Virginia, which ranks second from the bottom in rural vaccinations, added only a tenth of a percentage point to its rural rate, which stands at 22.3%. The actual rural rate is likely a bit better, because 16.3% of the state’s population is vaccinated but not recorded at the county level, meaning it can’t be included in the rural or metropolitan vaccination rates. Georgia, which also has a high unallocated percentage, ranks last in the nation in rural vaccinations, at 20.9% of the state’s rural population.”

To read the rest of the update and see the data breakdown on the Yonder, click here.