In a new story from the Albany Democrat-Herald, Linn County, Oregon county commissioners have declared an emergency over the rural vaccine mandate in the state, with the concern that the mandate will cause a volunteer shortage.

After an unsuccessful discussion with the governor, the Linn County Board of Commissioners voted to approve the emergency declaration Monday, Oct. 18.

From the story: “Commissioners said they took the step to “provide a framework” for getting additional state money or services to local agencies that may require them. A declaration of a state of emergency is needed to distribute many emergency funds and services.

“A lot of different organizations have expressed concern about their ability to deliver services with the reduction in workforce that many fear will occur starting tomorrow (or) starting today,” Commissioner Roger Nyquist said at the board meeting. “There’s a real question or concern about these local fire districts (ability) to protect their citizens and provide those services.”

Firefighters, even volunteers, are trained to provide emergency medical care, which is why the statewide vaccine mandate for health care workers applies to fire agencies.”

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SOURCE: The Rural Blog