In a new report by Stateline, a part of Pew Charitable Trusts, many states with sizeable rural populations have now found themselves up against a “wall” of resistance in increasing the rate of vaccination against COVID-19.

From Stateline: ““It is certainly the case that some of the states that had early success at getting people vaccinated have … languished or plateaued. States that struggled out of the starting gate have, over time, achieved much greater success,” said Jennifer Tolbert, the Kaiser Family Foundation’s director of state health reform, in a phone interview.

“More recently, what you are coming up against are ideological issues in more conservative states,” she said. “Vaccines are available, but absent mandates and requirements for people to get vaccinated, if there is hesitation or reluctance in large sectors of the population, the vaccines are going to plateau.””

With plummeting vaccination rates and a portion of their rural population hesitant or outright refusing to get the vaccine, some states are scrambling to up their rates as the number of new COVID infections increases into the fall season.

SOURCE: The Rural Blog,