In a new update from The Daily Yonder, the last full week of September (Sept. 19-25) saw a 14% decrease in new COVID-19 infections in rural counties. However, deaths from the virus have increased by 10%, with signs of renewed growth.

From the article: “New infections fell by 14% last week in rural (nonmetropolitan) counties, from about 210,000 new cases two weeks ago to 181,000 new cases last week. It was the biggest single-week drop in the number of new cases since winter.

Covid-related deaths increased by 10% last week, to 3,197. That’s the largest number of deaths in nonmetropolitan counties since early February. Deaths are a trailing indicator of Covid-19 and could continue to rise for weeks. This winter, the rural death rate did not begin to fall substantially until about a month after new infections began to wane.”

To see the new infections map and to read the rest of the story on the Yonder, click here.