In Otero County, Colorado, county commissioners have asked for an amendment to the state’s vaccine mandate, predicting a massive staff shortage at local health care facilities once the mandate goes into effect Oct. 1, 2021.

From the story by Lauren Scharf at FOX21 News Colorado: “Commissioners and Public Health Director Rick Ritter have grave concerns the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers would trigger a mass exodus.

“They are running short-staffed always so take away two or three even down here it’s not like the metro area where you’ve got people waiting in line to get a job,” Baldwin added.

“The last thing we want is those who are already medically vulnerable and have to be admitted to the hospital for another reason have an additional risk of contracting COVID while they are being hospitalized,” Governor Jared Polis said.”

Eight health care facilities in rural Colorado have already signed off on letters to the state, adding to the commissioners’ call to amend the mandate.

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