In an open letter published Sept. 1, 30 agribusiness and farming organizations voiced their support for vaccination efforts across rural America, and asked farmers and ranchers to consider vaccinating themselves.

“As a farmer, a food worker or an input provider, we know that you play a critical role in the health of our rural towns and businesses. We know that you take great pride in helping keep your communities vibrant,” the letter stated. “Unfortunately, the virus is still threatening that vibrancy in many rural areas and indeed, in our nation. We know that you make science-based decisions every day—whether those decisions are how best to protect your crops or your livestock. Now, however, we need your help in ensuring the health of your families and your communities, which is why we urge you to support vaccinations in your community.”

The organizations, including the Texas Grain and Feed Association and the American Farm Bureau Federation, pointed out the impact of vaccines in the agricultural sphere, and how one choice can make the difference.

“You know how powerful an individual decision can be,” the letter concludes. “The decision you make on your farm today will feed your family and consumers around the world. Your choices and your dedication keep families and communities healthy. And just like these farm decisions, the decisions you make now can help ensure the months and years ahead are much brighter as we wrestle COVID-19 to the ground.”

SOURCE: National Milk Producers Federation