Politico.com‘s policy-heavy companion site The Agenda has posted a special rural health issue:

Healthcare’s new rural frontier 
How an Idaho hospital that serves a region with more bears than people is helping forge the future of American medicine.

Health in the Heartland
America’s rural regions are struggling with population declines, worsening health and hospital closures.

Your farm is trying to kill you
Far from a bucolic idyll, farming in America is one of its most dangerous professions. And almost no one is trying to change that.

‘They’re out there—if we can find them’
In rural America, social isolation isn’t just a private woe. It’s increasingly seen as a public health crisis, with new ideas for tackling it.

Suicide and the rural ER
With psychiatrists as rare as Sasquatch, emergency rooms become rural America’s portal to mental health care—or not.

Covering distance with drones
Video: Technology, says Tom Daschle, is going to be the answer to providing health care in America’s changing heartland.

SOURCE: politico.com, April 13, 2017