Dr. Marlys Luebke
Dr. Marlys Luebke

Dr. Marlys Luebke has been named the South Dakota Academy of Family Physicians 2017 Family Doctor of the Year. She is the first woman to receive the honor.

No stranger to the challenges of practicing rural medicine, Luebke believes patient access to specialty doctors in the towns she serves could improve with the help of expanded telemedicine.

Luebke says she utilizes telemedicine to consult with doctors in cities like Sioux Falls, but, she said, there are some specialties that simply can’t remotely do consultations.

“Some are impossible, such as OBGYN, general surgery and orthopedics, because those are procedure-oriented, whereas some of the other ones are more consultation-oriented,” Luebke said. “I wish we could get them all on telemedicine, and maybe someday we will, but I think we’ve come a long way already.”

SOURCE: grandforksherald.com, February 24, 2017