Michael Adcock, and administrator at the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s Center for Telehealth spoke at the Pop Health Forum 2016 in Chicago about how his center uses both site to site telehealth and remote patient monitoring, and shared some early results from a 141-patient remote patient monitoring pilot.

One interesting observation Adcock shared was that the video visits offered via employers had the effect of actually decreasing antibiotic prescriptions:

“Our model is all based on a per member per month, so the employee doesn’t have to pay anything per visit. What we’ve found is it makes them more likely to listen to our advice. [If you have to] take off four hours from work, sit in a waiting room for 3.5 of those hours, go in, see the physician, and be told it’s a virus, you know what they expect when they leave there? A prescription. They expect to walk out of there with something because they’ve spent time and money. But because they’re not spending either of those with us, when we tell them ‘It’s a virus, you need to drink water and take some Mucinex’, they’re actually willing to listen to it. We’ve seen a huge decrease in antibiotic use because of that.”

SOURCE: mobihealthnews.com, September 13, 2016