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Rural Health Quarterly – Spring 2024

U.S. Rural Health Report Card (2022)

RHQ is pleased to present our sixth annual U.S. Rural Health Report Card.

Each state’s individual page features an overall letter grade, along with scores for all rural health measures that factored into this grade. Also included is a rundown of “What’s Good” and “What Needs Work” in every state.

This report exists to provide policymakers, health care providers, and the general public with a snapshot of rural health in each state, relative to other areas of the country. These report cards emphasize challenges faced by rural communities everywhere, but they also highlight the hard work evident in the improvement of so many individual scores.

Palpable, too, in these scores is the importance of broadband access, as well as the effects of obstetric services and mental health care. While many states made marked improvements in rural health, others slipped in the rankings or saw little change.

We are indebted to our colleagues, who contributed their expertise and assisted greatly in the creation of the 2022 U.S. Rural Health Report Card. Many thanks to Billy U. Philips, Ph.D.; Gipsy Bocanegra, Ph.D.; Grace Fosu, MA, MS; Diana Vargas-Gutierrez, Ph.D.; Jessica Alexander, Amber C. Parker, and Miguel Carrasco. This research was supported by Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and the F. Marie Hall Institute for Rural and Community Health.

Rural Health Quarterly – Summer 2023

HQ is pleased to present our Summer 2023 issue, covering Rural Emergency Hospital Designation.

Cover Story – REH Designation: Safety Valve or Problem Child?

RHQ Conference Calendar – U.S. rural health conferences, updated from Summer 2023 to Fall 2023

Contents Include:

Conversions and Conversations: Experiences of Converting to a Rural Emergency Hospital and How the Texas State Office of Rural Health Is Here to Support

Struggling to Survive, the First Rural Hospitals Line Up for New Federal Lifeline

Updated Rural Health Reports throughout the U.S.

Rural Health Quarterly Spring 2023

RHQ is pleased to present our Spring 2023 issue, covering Women’s Healthcare.

Cover Story – A Crash Course in Substantive Due Process: What the Supreme Court Decided in Roe, Casey, and Dobbs

RHQ Conference Calendar – U.S. rural health conferences, updated from Spring 2023 to Fall 2023

U.S. Rural Health Report Card (2021)

2021 U.S. RURAL HEALTH REPORT CARD – Grading the state of rural health in America

RURAL REPORTS – Rural health reporting from across the nation and around the world

RHQ CONFERENCE CALENDAR – Upcoming U.S. rural health conferences

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