In a new story from The Daily Yonder, researchers at the University of Nebraska College of Law have created The Rural Reconciliation Project, a space for researchers to come together and discover what problems need to solved in rural America.

From the story: “The project seeks to answer questions about the structural forces and collective choices that are affecting the sustainability and viability of rural communities going forward, said Jessica Shoemaker, professor of Law at the University of Nebraska and co-director of the project.

“There’s a lot of work happening in different disciplines at different research institutions around the country and internationally,” she said.

“But that tends to be kind of siloed within that discipline. And so, part of what we’re also trying to do is kind of make the table bigger, and bring more people around and kind of build a common language across disciplines. Because sociology, anthropology, law, economics, agronomy, agriculture, natural resources – all of these different disciplines have so much to add to this conversation.”

With the new project, researchers will be tasked with reconciling the narrative of “rural decline” with solutions for the rural people of today.

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