According to The COVID States Project #62 study, vaccine resistance among rural health care workers is down to 25%, a seven percent decrease from 32% in March of this year.

Despite the decrease, rural health care vaccination rates are still behind suburban and urban vaccination rates. Only 63% of rural health care workers are vaccinated, with 74% suburban and 75% of urban health care workers vaccinated.

With this data, the authors of the #62 study suggested that now was the time to employ a vaccine mandate for health care workers. “These numbers showing that healthcare workers are 27% unvaccinated and 15% vaccine resistant suggest that, absent mandates, most of the currently unvaccinated healthcare workers will remain unvaccinated, potentially fueling outbreaks in healthcare facilities,” the authors wrote. “Given the current surge of cases due to the Delta variant, this will continue to put pressure on health care providers to mandate vaccination for their staff.”

SOURCE:, The Rural Blog

NOTE: The COVID States Project #62 is a preprint article.